Seeds, Fertilizers & Soil Amendments

Seeds, Fertilizers & Soil Amendments

Including Organic, PTT, and All-Purpose Blends

Stop into Dickens Supply for all your seed, fertilizer, and soil amendment products! We carry a large selection of seeds and fertilizers for a lush, healthy property. Our expert team is ready to help you find the right products for your lawn care needs!

Stop into one of our seven Dickens locations for your landscape and turf products anytime - we're happy to help!

Learn About our Popular Seeds:

Let us help you determine the right seed for your lawn. Seed blends offer better disease resistance and a uniform lawn. We customize blends to ensure you have the best product on the market. We'd be more than happy to work with you on the right blend for your lawn.

  • Dickens Shade Blend: Ensures optimal growth in shady locations.
  • Keeper Green Perennial Rye: Ideal for sports fields, golf courses, and Bermuda lawns.
  • Dickens Custom Blends: A mix of our PTT with 5% Bluegrass or 15% Perennial.
  • Other Seeds: Fescue/Perennial Rye, Bent Grass, Zoysia, and Bermuda.

Proven Turfgrass Technologies
Tall Fescue Blend (PTT)

This is a high-end blend that is guaranteed to please. PTT is our custom seed bag filled by handpicked farms in Oregon. This is a handpicked, professional quality blend that is tested with great results in the TN climate.

Learn More about our Fertilizers & Turf Fertilizer:

Dickens Supply is here to help you find the right fertilizer to keep your lawn healthy. Fertilizers promote new leaf and root growth on every lawn, from backyards to major golf courses and stadiums. We customize organic blends to ensure you have the best product on the market. We'd be more then happy to work with you on the right fertilizer today!

Dickens Organic Blends

From 3-4-3 100% to 9-12-6, we offer organic options that are safe for your lawn, family, and pets. Popular blends include: 3-2-3 Dickens Organic Blend Base Product, 9-12-6 Organic Starter, 9-1-5 Organic All Purpose, 2-1-10 Organic with Sulpo Mag, and the 18-1-3 High Nitrogen Organic.

Pre-Emergent Fertilizers

We have a selection of analysis with dimension pre-emergent or barricade. Both are high quality barriers to prevent crab grass, goose grass, and other invasive grasses. All pre-emergents will help those pesky weeds from invading your lawn!

Turf Fertilizers

We offer custom fertilizer blends for each time of the year. We utilize slow release nitrogen coatings so you get the most out of our products.

Soil Amendments

Let us pair you with the right soil amendments for improved plant growth and health. The type of amendment(s) added depends on the current soil composition, climate, and type of plant. We'll work with you to find the right soil amendment for your property.


This is a great spring and fall product. One bag of Solucal is equal to four bags of pelletized lime with a much quicker affect on the lawn!

We also have high-calcium soil treatments and gypsum. Dickens Supply will work with you to find the most effective soil amendments for your needs.

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