How Often Should I Replace or Sharpen my Mower Blades?

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Q: How Often should I Replace or Sharpen my Mower Blades?

To keep that lawn looking sharp you will want to check your mower blades every few weeks to make sure they are sharp and damage free. This will help ensure that you lawn looks healthy and the plants grow back properly. A typical lawnmower blade can be sharpened several times within its lifespan. After that, we recommend replacing the used blades with a new set. Good times to sharpen your blades would be at the beginning of the season, then sometime in the middle. If you tend to mow over branches, toys, and rocks, you may need to do more sharpening throughout the season.

A good way to check to see if you need to sharpen your blades is to look at the lawn after you mow. If you see any uneven patches or missed spots it’s a good sign you are ready for some blade sharpening. Another sign is when you finish mowing and you look at the grass and see a town grass look verses a clean cut.

After several sharpenings, it may be time to replace those blades. Dickens is here to help with all lawn mower requests & all lawn mower service requests.

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