2015 BCS America Sickle Bar Mower 53"

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BCS America
Sickle Bar Mower 53"



The sickle (cutter) bar is original to the BCS brand, and it’s also one of the most popular attachments. Ideal for many different tasks, the sickle bar is designed to slice material at its base to leave the cut material in tact. This means there’s no flying debris, thrown stones or excessive mulch.

The height-adjustable sickle bar is much wider than the wheelbase, so you can easily trim along slopes, ponds, under fences, and other low-clearance places you wouldn’t dare take a traditional mower. They can also be used for forage harvesting, most notably hay.

Plus, sickle bar mowers save time and are extremely efficient—they consume less fuel than other mowers, require very little power, and can be operated by smaller engines, including the BCS model 710! These machines are ideal for commercial operations that value cost-effective performance.

Every sickle bar mower has an optional oil bath transmission, which offers smoother operation, longer life, and increased weight for climbing steep slopes.

The Duplex sickle mower is also available for double action—simultaneous separate blade assemblies that move in equal and opposite directions for lesser vibration and better performance.

PLEASE NOTE: All prices include the required transmissions. Add $225 for the oil bath upgrade.

  • Cut saplings up to 1.5'' thick.
  • Ideal for commercial operations.
  • Replaceable knives.
  • Swivel joint in input shaft allows bar to follow ground contours.
  • Width: 53"


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