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There’s a big world outside your front door and while Mother Nature is beautiful on her own, sometimes the land we use needs a little help. Clutter, overgrown plants, and out of control lawns need to be maintained if they’re going to stay healthy and, frankly, pleasing to look at. Sure, you could do this all by hand, but there are much easier ways to care for your property. That’s where Little Wonder comes in with their outdoor power equipment. Whether you work in landscaping or just like a well-kept yard, you’re going to want superior products so that you not only get the job done, but get it done right the first try.

There’s a reason these machines are so reliable. Little Wonder first popped up all the way back in 1922 in the United Kingdom with the world’s first hedge trimmer. But these weren’t just popular with landscapers. They were also used in the food industry to cut pasta because of the razor sharp blades. Then in 1935, operations moved west to America and since then, they’ve been revolutionizing the industry and growing bigger and bigger with each passing day. That’s why Dickens Supply is proud to offer so many of these superior products. Stop by any of our eight locations throughout Middle and East Tennessee, and we’ll help you find the outdoor power equipment you’ll need to make your work more efficient and more enjoyable.

Featured Little Wonder Equipment

Leaf Blowers

Little Wonder is an industry leader when it comes to air power, so you’ll definitely want to check out their leaf blowers. These walk-behind leaf blowers come with the kind of air speed you’ll only find in a category five hurricane, with 38% more air output then competitors, making it the best machine you’ll find on the market.

Brush Cutters

Looking at a monstrous project of overgrown weeds and heavy brush? Little Wonder brush cutters have your back. They’ll make your life a lot easier with infinitely-variable, clutch-less speed selection and an ergonomic control system.

Debris/Truck Loaders

Some projects are too big for one person to handle and a bigger machine needs to step in. Little Wonder truck loaders are perfectly designed to help you clear and shred debris at a ratio of up to 15:1, the best in the industry. They include compact skid mounts, easy to tote trailer mounts, and all-in-one self-contained systems for total ease of use.

Hedge Trimmers

Taking it back to where it all began. However, they look and perform a little differently now from the way they did nearly a hundred years ago. Today’s Little Wonder hedge trimmers use blades that last longer and require less maintenance than some of the cheaper models you might find elsewhere.

Lawn Edgers

Nothing gives the perfect, clean-cut look like a lawn edger and Little Wonder delivers some of the sharpest edges. You’ll see crisper lines with less effort on your part and there are even models build for asphalt and paving professionals.

Lawn/Leaf Vacuums

Time to clean up the yard and for that, you’ll want a debris and leaf vacuum from Little Wonder. They won’t shut down when they pick up bigger debris, even bottles and cans, and sports a 74.47 gallon capacity so you don’t have to worry about emptying the bag a couple times before your task is complete.

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