How Does Pre-Emergent Work & What are the Benefits?

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Q: How Does Pre-Emergent Work & What are the Benefits?

Pre-emergent is an herbicidal chemical substance that stops weed seeds in their tracks! It works by stopping the new, delicate weed seed tissue from growing before they're actually born. Pre-emergent permanently solves your weed problem before it intrudes on your yard's plants while giving your lawn that dark green, lush color.

The Benefits: Pre-emergent is easy to apply, requires minimal labor, and is your cost-effective choice opposed to post-emergent products. This solution gives your yard the lush green color you're looking for while eliminating all weeds!

With pre-emergent, timing is everything! It's critical to apply pre-emergent in February & also again in April. If you apply too late, it defeats all benefits and won't be effective come summer.

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