Ferris Commercial Mowers

Ferris Commercial Mowers

Durable. Dependable. Ergonomical.

A Ferris mower is your answer for maximum productivity. For over a century, Ferris has been designing lawn mowers that are easy to operate and reliable. With a Ferris, you don't have to sacrifice quality for productivity. Cut faster, better, and easier, on every terrain.

Dickens Supply offers a vast selection of Ferris Commercial Mowers, including zero-turn, stand-on, front-mount, and walk-behind mowers. Stop into one of our eight locations and we'll help you find the right Ferris mower, or shop our Ferris inventory online below!

Check Out Our Top Ferris Mowers:

Zero-Turn Mowers

Ferris Zero Turn Mowers are ideal when you have a lot of lawn to cover and need premium suspension technology. Popular Models include: IS 700Z, IS 600Z IS 3200Z, IS 2600Z, IS 2100Z, and more.


Front-Mount Mowers

Front-mount mowers are ideal for homeowners and landscape professionals alike that are looking to reduce trimming time under low-hanging branches, shrubs and fencing. Popular Models include: ProCut and F800X.


Stand-On Mowers

The SRS™ Series of Stand-On mowers delivers heightened productivity, superior maneuverability, and balanced stability and traction. Popular Models Include: Soft Ride Stand On (SRS) Z1, and the Soft Ride Stand-On (SRS) Z2.


Walk-Behind Mowers

Ferris commercial walk-behind mowers make mowing easy with self-propulsion. Popular Models Include: Ferris Walk Behind FW 35, and the Ferris Walk Behind FW 25.


Commercial Mower Warranty Protection

Ferris created the 2+2 Year Limited Warranty. One simple warranty covers all Ferris ride-on, zero-turn, and 3-wheel front deck mowers for four years (48 months) or 500 hours, whichever occurs first. For walk-behind mowers, the mower is covered for unlimited hours for the first 2 years (24 months).

Ferris Mowers History

Ferris has built mowers for over 100+ years with the highest innovation and quality. Ferris designs its commercial landscaping equipment to help you get more done with greater ease. Their entire fleet is designed to withstand the rigors of all-day, all-week commercial duty.

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