Classen Lawn Care

Classen Lawn Care

Choose Classen for All your Lawn and Turf Care Needs!

When you have your share of lawn work cut out for you, you need durable, reliable, efficient equipment that’s going to get the job done. Classen is constantly hard at work and looking for new ways to innovate and improve existing models. At the end of the day, the ultimate goal is always to produce easy-to-use products that make lawn maintenance simple for all.

Whether you’re a novice or pro when it comes to lawn care, Classen has you in mind. All equipment is built for professional use with quality components and productivity features while still making it usable for beginners with simplified control mechanisms, clear adjustment and setting levers, and convenient folding handles for storage and transportation ease. When you’re ready to make a lawn care upgrade that counts, visit Dickens Turf and Landscape Supply serving Nashville, Cool Springs, Hendersonville, Bellevue, Knoxville, Murfreesboro, Mount Juliet, and Brentwood, Tennessee!

Featured Classen Products

classen aerator


Regardless of the application job on your hands, there’s a Classen turf aerator fit for the job. You’ll have your choice of walk-behind, tow-behind, or riding models. The all-new Steerable Compact Aerator is an excellent option as well, which is streamlined and user-friendly for both professional landscapers and homeowners. The only one of its kind, the Pro Powersteer Aerator has simple controls that allow you to aerate straight, curve, and turn left or right without lifting the tines to of the ground. Now that’s impressive!

classen turf rake 1

Turf Rakes

If your goal is to maintain a healthy lawn, then you can’t forget about dethatching. Classen Turf Rakes are extremely versatile and conveniently portable dethatchers. The folding handles make this piece equipment great for rental use. There are also attachments available for seeding and grass collection. Choose between a Pro Hydro-Drive and a Walk-Behind.

classen overseeder

Turf Overseeders

Classen turf overseeders make it simple and convenient for you to seed a new lawn or overseed an existing one. The blade design is unique with a cutting edge on both ends for twice the blade life. The front seed drop guarantees follow-up soil coverage for improved seed germination. Of course, you’ll have handles that fold easily for storage and transportation. Don’t forget that Classen overseeders can convert to a rake in minutes with a catcher bag or vertical cutter.

classen sod cutter

Sod Cutters

You won’t find a more precise tool than the Classen sod cutter. This piece of equipment is easily the most compact and maneuverable sod cutter on the market. Stop spending hours breaking your back to get the job done! Classen sod cutters can handle any soil conditions. They also offer the choice of cutting blades and blade angles so you can get the exact cut you need for your project. Whether it’s a straight line or a curve, Classen sod cutter can get it done with precision.

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